Sunday, 25 September 2011

Krishnan sir..Strength of materials..

I am not very sure of his name because he never tells his own name or introduction.So we all can just guess about his name.I think it is S M Krishna.He is i think faculty at some engineering college may be NIT Warangal as he speaks a lot about university exams.
 He is part of trio of teachers which makes Mechanical Engineering a pleasure at Made Easy the other two being Amit sir and Kulkarni sir.He handles a mammoth subject like strength of materials and makes it feather like.I don't think any teacher gives the feeling of Deja Vu as he does in own subject.All the bending and torsion which gave us shivers becomes something done with hand.First time in our life i got to understand what questions means.Getting acquainted with jargon is itself biggest achievement.
 He seems to be a father like figure and respectable.Though my recent brief experiences with made easy teachers proves they are just lesser mortals otherwise.Out of class they are vulnerable,so unsure and with questionable character.May be i kept in too high esteem for that matter.Too much expectations and assumptions on my part.
 Well i have hardly seen him really angry on whatever condition is.He has a temper of saint,like a line on water..barely there.He starts speaking in anger,mutters too what now's and gets conscious of their frequency and smiles in no time.Any thing that could divert his attention in that mood.But i really want that nobody irks him too much.He seems to be such a good human being and nice soul it seems a sin to trouble him anyway.
 He teaches very passionately and responsibly.I feel if somebody doesn't understands anything he personally feels bad and goes out of his way to repeat anything n no of times.When on stage he teaches like he is worshiping God.With complete conviction and dedication.It really hurts me when somebody makes fun of his what now's.Come on spare him guys.Even if you try you can't be even one millionth part of him as a human or Som teacher.
 I like it when he asks questions and doesn't get favourable reply despite of his sincere efforts.He smiles more to himself and starts explaining it all over again.No hint of attitude.The answer of his questions is infinity most of the times.
My suggestion is to read his notes n no of times and solve questions.Because our memory is very fickle.We tend to forget quickly.Even if we think it is impossible to forget things like that.You can never trust your brain exam.Take it from me.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Circumstances leading me to MADE EASY...

When i joined made easy i was a mechanical engineering virgin.I read books just for passing exams.I had no feelings for concepts though sometimes i found them amazing.But it was a world which was holding up it's mysteries to me.To escape it altogether i had made up my mind to go for MBA that's why i joined my job in first place.To gain some experience and then opt for MBA at nice institute.
  At my job i realized there is hardly any difference between working of MBA or B tech.You are supposed to take work from your sub ordinates pressing them sometimes inhumanely,Criticize other departments and most important waste time in giving presentations to your boss or others.I worked in designing field which was rather repairing job as we hardly do any creative work in India.All day sitting at computer made me forget my i opted for mechanical engineering in first place.It would have been far better if i had taken IT to sit in front of computer.In this way at least i would have been paid more.
  More retrospection and introspection on my side made me realize that i govt job is much better.Nowadays it pays better,provides resident,there is prestige associated with it and more freedom.I absolutely love the society feeling it gives.And some where inside the passion to do something for my country kicked in.
 So without wasting much time i joined the latest batch possible.

But my this impulsive decision has hardly bore me fruits till now.A grossly unutilised rank of 2400 in gate and few psu selection where i got out in interview hardly matter.Now i know it's the final selection that really matters and gets you out of this waiting phase.It's said this kind of waiting phase comes in everybody's life.And i know i am taking my time to take off but once i do it i am going to leave all of them behind.

The key is not to lose patience and keep working harder.And like every other Made Easy student i secretly harbor feeling to be Made Easy teacher someday.It would be so great  to be on the other side of stage,whiteboard or whatever.To be in those shoes who inspired us, instilled ambition and quality of perfection and more important being passionate in what we do.
What's your story guys???? 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amit Kakkar another student..

Here is some more about him from a reader.
Without editing except one very long word.But now i have to write responsibly when faculty is too following this.Well boring but i can't hurt the people i respect so much.Still i 'll try to be as honest as i can...
Wah wah,sir ji ki kya baat kare, makhan hai makhan

first day of my saket batch

He said, You all are " Below zero"

laga kisi ne puri jindagi ki padhai ko thapad mara

Par Agle 4 Hours me malum hogaya, "unka -ve hone wala comment bhi kam hi tha"

sorry sir
apko pareshan karne ke liye
apka khun pine ke liye
And thanks to be a best man in my Life

I am glad to be your student, a million thanks to you,
As you gave me the strength, to make my dreams come true!

For the world you are one person, but for one person, you are the world!
And that person is me. Thank you teacher.

Thanks for the challenges, you have made me face,
For they gave me the courage to be leading every race.

"For your thoughtfulness and generosity, from you I have learned much of life's philosophy. Thank you sincerely."

And sorry Sir about some misunderstanding, everything chill now

oh... Aaj To "What Now Ki Class Hai"

ONGC Exam written test..

I was according to me well prepared.I had made up my mind to clear this exam once and for all and settle up my life giving up my dream for IES.Reasons are following
1.My mom is sick of paying me.
2.My friends are all settled up in their pathetic job which pays them well enough to buy good clothes and pose on facebook.I am jealous.
3.I am tired of ducking people i knew once because i feel embarrassed to tell them what i am doing nowadays.
4.One good friend of mine made a very unkind and egoistic comment of him being in BHEL when i asked him to help me.Well for all i know he is there just because he is an OBC.
5.I am exhausted of feeling guilty of every pleasure i take with money or without cause i feel i am wasting my time.

I went up to the exam center expecting an empty classroom as i thought everyone would be gone for BHEL.But i was awfully wrong.I never saw such an attendence since GATE.I was wrong about one thing more.Standard of paper.

I guess everyone would agree that it was a way too much than we face usually.Do i have to remember every article of God damn constitution.There was regionalism as 4 question out of forty were from Tamil.I could answer only 1 question confidently about frontier gandhi.Are we supposed to do very special preparation for GENERAL studies.I guess we need to join Vajiram for that.And what's up with 2008 terrorist attacks.We were supposed to write people of police department who were killed in it and their designations.I could forgive ONGC for Lok pal Q.After all this was the talk of year in which i actively participated.And still don't know Anna Hazare's full name.

First of all i want to kill the person responsible for making this paper.I can stand everything but how were we supposed to do it without calculator.How can we find Taylor's coefficient and efficiency of Diesel engine with cut off ration 1.78 and compression ratio 13 with our fingers and pen.Theory of machines was the rampant with two subjective Q.One of pulley drive and one on Gear drive.I had left both the topic while revising but tried my luck.But hate it.I had enough time but calculations were simply impossible.And options were simply of no help.I ve never seen such a illogical exam.Exam can be tough but this one was impossible.But i guess cut off will be less.So i am keeping my fingers crossed and praying.
And you also join your hands and pray that you never face such exam without calculators which is not allowed.
I don't know what ONGC wanted to prove.But thank God for no negative marking.That could make me a dead body.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Amit Kakkar sir...2.

My previous posting about him was more from a student point of view and kind of preaching.Now a more detailed and human look towards him.
 He got 2 gold medals from central govt even before he was 30.First one was for getting 100 marks in physics in UP Board which was first in history.He simultaneously got about 1500 rank in IIT JEE.His dream was to go in Merchant Navy so he went for T S Chankya only to be back in 6 months due to sea sickness which is incurable.Did i mention he got top marks in physics even in IIT JEE exam.Instead of waiting for next year to get into IIT he took admission in NIT.After his B Tech he refused to go for several PSU's and developed huge interest in Astrology.His predictions started coming true and his parents got scared whether he'll leave all moh maya.So they did what Indian parents do best often from by advice of relatives who feel it's their moral duty to guide everyone around especially in matters of marriage of eligible bachelors like him.My dad use to always say people are sad not because of their sadness but other's happiness.That's how we lost a deserving male to some homely girl who probably won't realize how charismatic he is and how many girls are ready to die just to find him as a husband in next birth.
 Well after marriage may be he got responsible and went for M tech in IIT Delhi in Thermal.That's where he got his 2nd gold medal.He got a CGPA of 10 out of 10.Again a earth shattering record.

 From his talks he looks like he has never gone wrong in his whole life.He regrets early marriage though.I just can't help getting jealous of that lucky girl who got Ferrari in lottery called arrange marriage.

One thing i really appreciate is the research and conviction with which he speaks.He only does and speak from through research not only in M E but other topics like health carrying calculator eating chicken etc.Even in the way he describes his family child it gives a impression that he is utterly passionate about his life.And he is successful.It comes to me he's living life of his dreams mostly.And that's what i love about him.But i am a committed girl and i love my boyfriend of 8 years very much.I just want to talk to him and know him more as a person and may be write a book about him.He emits such enthusiasm you know.I won't mind worshiping him.But my boyfriend comes well ahead of him.

Apart from concepts he tells you wonderful story about scientists who made them.Nice engaging technique.I hope even south indian teachers had this innovation about them to make a class interesting.All the time they are just throwing fundamentals examples on your faces.You catch some you lose some.Though this isn't the case with Mr Parveen Kulkarni.
Well time for dinner which has arrived.If you have any of recent story or keen observation feel free to share.My e mail is'll write more after ONGC.It seems like sword is hanging on my head.Time is less work is more.And i have one motto.REVISE REVISE REVISE.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy days ahead..Bhel,sail,ongc,ntpc

 Every PSU seems to be hiring in bulk nowadays.Especially for mechanical engineers opportunities are much more.With ONGC and BHEL exams on same days ,people are confused and most of them have gone for BHEL. After all 700 posts are something.And now the forms have come again for 550 post for ME and through GATE with no percentage criteria.Well i really appreciate this.One can't be judged with his percentage.Especially with different tech universities opting for different scores and non standard education standards in private institutes.In my case it was a interest which bloomed later.I still cringe when i have to tell my marks to anyone and especially in interviews.It's their fav question.I don't know why they have to look for percentage when looking for selection.Actually it is safest.Don't explore the person just his marksheets.I must say,it is true to some extent also. 

I read new information about NTPC too.It has also decided to go by GATE scores.I wonder who will now go for M tech.Under same breath i ll say why can't this all happened last year.I would have been employed somewhere you know. 
All this mass hiring has made me relax somehow.Atleast now i can concentrate on IES with out worrying much.But now i think i shouldn't have filled HAL and EIL forms.They seems like waste on money.
GATE is the new in thing....

I am so worried to study and have so much to study that i am hardly studying.Only a ENGINEER can understand that.College habits refuse to go.And the reason i am blogging is that i saw i got 5 views yesterday through google search and in felt excited and it motivated me enough to scribble something.
I'll be glad that one when someone actually follows it.I can't even ask my friends to do it as i want to remain anoymous. 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

My interview experience from HPCL mechanical..

Well first all i'll say that Interview call comes really really late.I gave exam in jan 2010.Result was out in last week of feb.And call came in may.It may seem to you reasonable but it was not to me as the anxiety of first PSU interview call got into me and so everybody's questions too.I kept on checking HPCL website on internet explorer so many times.I was so proud that my name was there.I was almost confident that i'll go in.But my dear friends interviews are very deceptive.You almost never know why they selected or rejected you or was setting was done already before you went inside that room.It seems pretty embarrassing to me.But if are being called for God sake prepare well.They will ask you the usual questions you already know about and mug them up and speak with conviction.
Well i was asked the following question..
2.Why do you want to get Government job and not private.I was asked to explain much on this point.
3.What were you doing till now.
4.In which exams you ve got selected before.
5.We will be sending you in remote places how will you handle that.
6.Tell something about HPCL.
7.How will you handle language problems.
8.What will you prefer marketing or plant.
9.Most sad moment of your life.
10.How would you take decisions pragmatic or emotional.
  Technical question.
11.What is Bernoulli's theorem
12.What is NPSH.
13.Something about pumps.
14.First law of thermodynamics.  
15.Reason of less marks in Engineering.

They did not made me comfortable.Questions were bombarded from 8 to 9 people sitting there.One was adamant to put me down.Result was declared immediately.I was not selected.Take care of your Hr part and fluid machinery part as this seems to be the fav area of every interview.Try to make it your fav subject.
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